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Japan Made in USA is an English-Japanese bilingual book designed, edited and published by Zipangu; when it first came out in September 1998, it elicited a great deal of attention and it has been reprinted several times. The Japanese title of the book is Warawareru Nihonjin: “New York Times” ga Egaku Fushigina Nihonjin; a literal translation is “Laughed at Japanese: Strange Japanese Described by The New York Times.”

This book, which critically analyzes the reports about Japan that have appeared in a major American newspaper, became hot as an epoch making book that sheds new light on the issues associated with understanding between Americans and Japanese and inter-cultural understanding; it even caught the attention of American and Japanese journalists who are on the forefront of media coverage. Furthermore, it has come to be used in journalism, Japanese studies and Asian studies classes in undergraduate and graduate level courses at a number of US and Japanese colleges and universities such as Vassar, Temple, UC Berkeley and Keio. With 7,000 copies in print, this book is considered to be one of those that have had the “greatest impact per copy.” As of March 2001, it is available in the US only through Amazon.com under the title “Japan Made in USA.”